I want to order two $100.00 platters for sunday 12 -21 9pm delivered to Galleria J Antonio 47 ave A @ east 3rd street . but I do not see it on your on line menu so I can get the 15% discount Jesse
Mo Shen
Hi, I used to order delivery from your restaurant at SEAMLESS. Now I found the food price on your menu are cheaper than that provided by SEAMLESS. I decided to order directly on your website from now on, but found your online ordering page is down. Please let me know how I can order directly from you, thanks!
tree hugger
Hi. Your restaurant\'s delivery bikes are locked to the tree out front. Not only is this illegal, but can hurt the tree very easily. The bark of a tree is damaged and can get infected quickly. Please do not lock your bikes to the tree out front.

I give this restaurant 5 stars. Recently had dinner there with a few friends. The service was great and the food really tasty. They even have gluten free items on their menu. The presentation of the food looked too beautiful to eat. Can\'t wait to dine in again.

Kimberly Ann P. Bautista

Dr. Yvonne Kaye
This was my first visit to Kumo. It had been highly recommended and I attended with my daughter and granddaughter. The food was superb so we purchased more to take home. As we were leaving the young woman at the desk SHOUTED quite loudly \'you haven\'t paid for your takeout\'. Very inappropriate especially as she had the receipt in her hand. I hope you will find a better way of checking payments rather than embarrassuing your visitors.
marc darwin aquino
Marc darwin Buenaventura
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